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Where law and statistics meet.

Employment law, especially discrimination law, is becoming increasingly dependent on statistical analysis.

Employers today face a tangle of federal and state laws and regulations that govern the workplace.  Statistics are an essential part of an employers' comprehensive response to legal challenges related to nondiscrimination and affirmative action compliance.  Few law firms, however, offer employers the advantages of statistical analysis performed by an attorney.  At Sparlin Law Office, our attorneys work daily with employers to provide statistical analyses and legal advice in connection with their workplace needs.

When allegations of discrimination arise, patterns may emerge suggesting members of certain protected classes are not properly represented or are being unfairly compensated.  Sparlin Law Office utilizes powerful statistical tools to look beyond superficial surface patterns, taking into account other nondiscriminatory factors important to employers.

Even before allegations arise, employers can take proactive steps to know where vulnerabilities lie.  Sparlin Law Office uses statistical analyses to provide fact-based detection of an employer's susceptibility to discrimination claims, wage and hour claims, or OSHA litigation.

Headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, Sparlin Law Office represents small, medium-sized, and large employers throughout the United States, particularly the mid-Atlantic region, including Washington, D.C., New York City, Philadelphia, and Richmond, Virginia.  Our firm specializes in employment related analyses, including affirmative action planning, OFCCP audit and compliance review defense, discrimination claim analysis, wage and hour compliance analysis, human resource counseling, and other areas of employment law.  We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

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Areas of Practice

Employment Law and Statistical Analysis

Using statistical analyses and knowledge of current law, we establish ongoing consultative relationships with employers in order to help avoid potential legal problems as regulations and law evolve over time.

In the area of affirmative action, allegations of discrimination often focus on patterns involving the hiring, firing, and promotion of employees.  In these instances, statistical analysis provides the most accurate possible reflection of a client’s equal opportunity performance.

OSHA Litigation and Compliance

Failure to comply with OSHA can create unwanted liability and exposure to lawsuits when injuries occur in the workplace.  Our attorneys' practice experience encompasses a variety of sophisticated employment-related legal issues, including both lobbying and litigation.

Attorney Dean Sparlin was part of the litigation team that represented industry through a national coalition of trade associations and individual companies in a challenge to the Department of Labor’s proposed ergonomics standards.  His efforts helped contribute to the decision by Congress to rescind the proposed standards.

Wage and Hour Compliance

Our attorneys have decades of experience in the application of quantitative methods to labor-related legal matters such as wage and hour compliance reviews.

Our innovative, in-depth, fact-based approach has enabled clients to limit damages related to wage and hour dispute litigation.  We provide salary structure analysis and represent employers engaged in wage and hour litigation through statistical elimination of unmerited, inaccurate, or overstated claims.

HR Counseling

Sparlin Law Office counsels, advises, and represents business clients in regard to the full panoply of state and federal employment laws and regulations that impact HR policy.

Human resources counseling offered by the Sparlin Law Office ranges from thorough, in-depth audits to informal day-to-day advice on how new regulations by the EEOC, the Department of Labor, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, and other agencies may affect particular businesses’ HR compliance.  Our legal advice and representation, however, is not limited to advising Human Resources departments on regulatory compliance issues.  We also help companies set up payroll systems and develop legally sound employee handbooks in order to minimize the possibility of litigation.

Statistical Consulting

Sparlin Law Office uses state-of-the-art analytics and software to perform numerical analyses ranging from simple statistical significance tests to complex multiple regressions.  Our attorneys can execute sophisticated, complicated analyses that can’t be obtained or interpreted by just any law firm.

Sparlin Law Office’s statistical and legal expertise can also be an important part of your discovery strategy in litigation.  Our attorneys review and critique expert’s reports, prepare rebuttals, and help employers and their attorneys cross-examine experts at trial.  We can offer these services under the umbrella of attorney-client privilege, permitting a broad and frank assessment of risks without the downside of potential discovery exposure.

Defending OFCCP Audits Compliance Reviews

When the OFCCP initiates an audit or conducts a review, it typically asks am employer to submit evidence of a working affirmative action plan.  Our attorneys combine statistics with legal experience to ensure full compliance with affirmative action laws.

Statistical analysis of employment practices also can reveal areas of weakness and may uncover vulnerability to litigation demanding back pay or other monetary remedies.  Regular examination of HR issues through statistical analysis suitable for responding to OFCCP audits and compliance reviews gives an employer a strong leg to stand on — a legally sound means of being a proactive affirmative action practitioner.


It is the mark of a truly intelligent person to be moved by statistics.
— George Bernard Shaw


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